1) Podwójny wzrost zmarłych w Rosji w wyniku upałów i smogu


Bardzo ciekawy opis sytuacji w Moskwie pojawił się na blog-u:


jak można jednak zauważyć blog-a już nie ma :)

Ale tekst udało sie zachować


A Moscow doctor testified in his diary about mass death of Russians in Moscow. Shewrites:

  "All windows are open in the building; smoke is in corridors, wards, operating rooms, procedure rooms, dressings, toilets and mostly in the staffrooms - the same smoke as in the street. Windows are closed in the intensive care unit, but fumes are diminished by that, but there is a stench from bandages and defecation rotting at 40 degrees centigrade.

  17 patients died in the hospital over the past day. 16 were dead a day before. 65 corpses for the past day were brought in the hospital morgue this morning - plus our "non-judicial bodies" from nearby houses. Corpses are piled in the basement in a standing position, refrigerators are already full.

  Ambulances deliver a lot of aged patients with heat stroke. Under threat of dismissal, ambulance doctors are forbidden to diagnosis "heat stroke, overheating" (because we have no hot weather in our city, everything is fine).

  We, too, do not make such diagnosis - we do not want to be fired, we have families and there would be nothing to feed them in that case, and we cannot do anything else but to heal the sick.

  If a state of emergency is proclaimed, the medical personnel on duty is paid a double salary, but there will not be a state of emergency proclaims in our city, we are fine - and, in addition, Russia could suddenly go broke. The situation is similar in all Moscow hospitals. Except in the Central Clinical Hospital for VIPs. The distance to the Kremlin from our hospital in a straight line is at most 10 km.

  Horror is happening on the territory of the hospital. I can not see the Ward # 1 from my post. There is literally nothing to breathe. The smoke is in the operating rooms. There is only one air-conditioner in the staffroom, but it began leaking the smoke. Bed-sheets on windows and fixing joints with medical plasters do not help.

  Almost everybody died in the intensive care unit during the last day. In general, I understand the dead and even envy them - there are refrigerators in the morgue, but there is not enough space there, and we sadly joked this morning, asking a doctor on duty, who had come to the autopsy - "Do you still have anybody alive in your unit?".

  The smoke in wards is similar to that in the street, but there are no air conditioners in the wards. If you put a healthy person for a night under the smoke, he will hardly survive by the morning, not to mention the patients.


Ktoś w ostatnim czasie śmiał się z teorii sterowania pogodą przy użyciu HAARP, zastanawiało mnie to jakiś czas.

O ile zostało poruszone to że atak może uderzać w Chiny Rosję Indie i Pakistan


....to dlaczego nie Europę ?


A może to faktycznie tylko skutki uboczne ??

Nie wiem...ja tylko pytam....


2) A podstawy do zadawania takich pytań są...

W 2010 po raz pierwszy zmiany klimatu zostało zakwalifikowane jako zagrożenie dla USA. I zostało wpisanę na listę zadać CIA i Pentagonu.